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Jet Gas Corporation and the Jet Stop convenience stores greatly appreciate the local support they continue to receive from the surrounding areas they service. The company believes it is important to give back to these very same communities.

Support is offered to local schools through donations to their sporting and academic events. Area events receive support through sponsorships and advertising donations.

The Warm Your Neighbor (WYN) program was established by B&B Propane, a sister company of Jet Gas Corporation, in 2009 to assist local families that are struggling to afford their heating costs. Every fall, all ten of our Jet Stop convenience stores work hard to raise donations for WYN in all of their stores. Learn more about this unique program by visiting


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Warm Your Neighbor

Our own Jet Stop convenience store employees have raised almost $10,000 during their annual fall campaigns. Local schools joined the fundraising efforts and have donated over $2,800 to WYN. Generous donations from individuals, businesses, and schools have seen the WYN fund grow to $85,000!

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